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Taken from a real-life conversation with this beautiful beast, I wanted to portray the strength and beauty this lone male showed. The fur detail was an exercise in patience that was well rewarded. 

Acrylic on stretched canvas 1m x 60cm 

SOLD - This piece went to a divorced person finding their strength as an individual


Elephant Snack

I have had the privilege of engaging with these creatures often, although these "conversations" have often contained more frantic and intimidating tones. I wanted to create a work that allowed me to understand their more docile and calm nature,  

Acrylic on stretched canvas 40cm x 60cm

SOLD - This piece went to someone who overcome their own fear of these creatures, and hung the piece as a testament to overcoming all fears. 


Solo Puffin.jpg
Puffin in isolation

Done during the corona virus worldwide lock-down when isolation  dominated the conversation.  I chose to show this hugely social creature on it's own.

Acrylic on stretched canvas 30cm x 23cm

£45.00 (excluding postage)


Barn Owl on Green.JPG
Hunter or Hunted

These beautiful owls are simultaneously ruthless hunters and hapless victims at the hands of man. I enjoyed getting to grips with the complex feather patterns.


Acrylic on stretched canvas  40cm x 30cm 


(excluding postage)

This Piece is on display at The Church Lane Gallery.


Robin Inkwash.JPG
Robin on Wall

This piece was inspired by my change of location and getting to know the birds that are native to my new home. New starts and new conversations

Acrylic and Ink on canvas board 18cm x 13cm

Sold - This piece found it's home with another family that were embracing new conversations after having moved to the UK


bee eater (1 of 1).jpg
Bee eaters 


The birds themselves appear to be engaged in their own conversations. In the earthy ochre background is a secondary conversation of heat and singing cicadas, for those who know how to listen    

Oil on stretched canvas 20cm x 20cm


(excluding postage)




carmen bee eaters.jpg
Carmen Bee eaters 


These clever colourful birds are a firm favourite. I had only laid down the background green when this buyer yelled "sold" not yet knowing the subject matter. Thankfully she was as pleased with the final result as I was.  

Acrylic on stretched canvas 30cm x 60cm


    Death's Angels

As majestic as eagles the vulture has been labelled "ugly" by many. This piece highlights the beauty of creatures as they play their vital role in consuming the decay left by other creatures.

Acrylic on board 2,5m x 1,5m

Death's Angels kept watch over my home and remained there as a gift to the new owners.