Aloe in flower


A product of painting with the Botanical Artists of Southern Africa. I love the transparent quality of watercolour and the high detail that is achievable.  A piece that celebrates a intimate conversation carried out in close and intense study. 

Size 60cm x 25cm. Watercolour on paper.


Aloe Love

Texture and a well loved look to the background provided the perfect platform for these rough aloes. 


SOLD -They made their way to the home of a newly wed couple with a love for Africa's beauty.

3 Kings 

Proteas are one of my favourite flowers and a national symbol of South Africa. These 3 king proteas speak to boldness and celebration.   


Acrylic painted on stretched canvas 900cm x 700cm

SOLD - These 3 king proteas inspired the buyer to commission a second piece of 5 proteas to hang side by side.

Protea Gold.jpg
Protea Gold

A late night experiment in absurdity. I love the conversation between seemingly unrelated layers and subjects.

30 cm x 40cm Acrylic on stretched canvas



aloe ferox pair.jpg
Aloe Ferox Pairs

30cm x 40cm acrylic on canvas. This pair was a comission piece. The buyer already had a piece of art and requested complimentary pieces to hang either side of her exisiting piece.  


Although these were not a "match" to her more traditional piece, I managed to compliment her style by pulling through colours and themes.