Honouring God through image 


I have spent years teaching myself to paint, working towards my realistic style, even if the subject matter is becoming increasingly fantastical. I am fascinated by the eternal conversation we experience with the world around us, and each piece is an attempt to capture a part of that conversation. 

Having grown up on the African coast I have a profound love for wildlife and wild places, which is often reflected in the subjects I paint. Nature has taught me that parts of this conversation of life can be both beautiful and brutal, without one diminishing the other. This is shown in my River Crossing piece above.  


I love how art pieces are more than my conversation - they are yours too. As much as a piece can tell you about me, the pieces you love may also tell you something about yourself.


While I am focused on creating; my loves, memories and curiosity are focused onto the canvas. There is something magical watching that conversation emerge on an empty canvas. 


Then there is you, the art lovers. You are the second life that happens to a piece. It leaves my hands, and becomes part of your conversation. Expanding its story to incorporate your memories, your family, loves and frustrations. And it is equally as magical to watch.